photographer  ✿  artist  ✿  designer
seeker of creative serendipity
lettering enthusiast  ✿  watercolorist
nature girl  ✿  techie geek  ✿  color nerd
Art Photography

In her art photography, Cindy Garber Iverson’s goal is to find moments of what she calls “photographic serendipity”—moments that are perfect, yet fleeting, and easy to miss altogether. Her images often have a nostalgic quality with a hint of romance, whimsy, or the wisp of a childhood memory almost forgotten. Reflective of her surroundings living in the Mediterranean climate and multi-cultural diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, her images have a fresh palette of vibrant colors that celebrate the vivacity of life.

Painting and hand-lettering

Cindy takes the same vision she uses with her photography and applies a similar fresh palette and outlook to her paintings and art lettering. She seeks for moments of “creative serendipity” when the watercolors or ink take an idea in a direction she hadn’t anticipated that is far more than she had originally conceived. Her art and hand-lettering often have a sense of mid-century design to them as she finds a great deal of inspiration from the film, fashion, illustration, and photography of that era.

Come into Cindy’s world… stay a while… and rediscover looking at the world with childlike wonder.